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New Horizons! – Open Water Interview whit Master Swimmer and Trainer Alessandro Pilati

Alessandro Pilati

Intervista ad Alessandro Pilati del ARENA Water Instinct.
Q: Tell us about your swimming experience prior to open water…
A: I started swimming when I was six years’ old and started playing water polo while I was at middle school. I continued to play until I finished university, playing in league B throughout the 1990s. I also took part in several swim competitions when my club asked me to, but I was not that successful, as I never really enjoyed swimming up and down in a pool, trying to beat the clock. I continued to swim and play water polo for an entire season, because I thought maybe I was wrong about pool swimming, but in the end I realised I was right, and that it just wasn’t for me.

Q: How did you discover open water swimming?
A: I discovered open water swimming thanks to two old friends who took me sea swimming with them, just around the time that I had begun swimming at Master level and was looking for something to keep me enthusiastic about it: I had moved to a new town, where there was no water polo and no one was interested in it. I did not like racing in a pool, but I wanted to swim and I wanted it to have a purpose. I had so much fun that first time, and I still get as excited as a child at the very thought of open water swimming.
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